FunEco Lab

The FunEco Lab at NAU

We study how the traits of organisms influence where they can establish, how they coexist, and how they impact ecosystem functions like decomposition and productivity.  We use a mixture of field, greenhouse, and quantitative methods to understand plant communities.

Lab News

  • May 2020: Ashlee Wolf and Tyler Annetts successfully defend MS! Paige Thompson wins NASA Space Grant and People’s Choice for UGRADS poster! Ethan Taber wins Henry Hooper Student Fund Award!
  • April 2020: Paige Thompson wins Hooper Undergraduate Research Award!
  • March 2020: Ashlee Simpson accepts Plant Conservation and Restoration Specialist position at Institute for Applied Ecology!
  • February 2020: Ella Samuel awarded Wyss Conservation Scholar of the American West!
  • January 2020: Tyler Annetts accepts PhD position at University of Canterbury, NZ!
  • January 2020: New Paper: Spatial Sampling Grain Shapes Conclusions about Community Structure and Dynamics



Teaching & Student Related Activities