FunEco Lab

The FunEco Lab at NAU

We study how the traits of organisms influence where they can establish, how they coexist, and how they impact ecosystem functions like decomposition and productivity.  We use a mixture of field, greenhouse, and quantitative methods to understand plant communities.

Lab News

  • Spring 2021:
  • Zoë Klein wins Henry Hooper Student Fund Award! Congrats Zoë!
  • New paper and cover out in Annals of Botany examining the effects of multiple fires on intraspecific trait variability.
  • Heidi Goodrich will join the lab in Fall 2021 as a masters student. Welcome, Heidi!
  • Ethan Taber awarded NAU Presidential Fellowship to begin his PhD in the FunEco Lab at NAU! Congrats Ethan!
  • Ella Samuel is beginning a new job with the USGS as an Early Career Ecology Researcher! Congrats Ella!
  • Ethan Taber wins National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship! Congrats Ethan! Read about it here!



Teaching & Student Related Activities